Travel with a Beard – For Men Who Want to Travel with Style

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Key travel tips to help you with your facial hair

There’s really no such thing as an “accidentally” great beard, that’s for sure.

All great beards require a little bit of maintenance – some more than others – and for the man always on the go you’re going to want to make sure that you build your own little “beard kit” to take care of your maintenance and grooming so that you always look your very best.

Below we highlight just a couple of things you want to focus on when it comes time to knock beard care right out of the park. Some of this you want to incorporate into your at home routine as well, but all of these tips and tricks will work wonders when you are traveling and on the go.

Have a Go Bag

A dedicated beard kit that travels with you is a huge piece of the puzzle, including all of the essentials you need to keep your facial hair looking tight and right.

You’ll want a compact trimmer (ideally with a couple of guards to keep your beard at the right length while on the go), scissors for close-up work, and a quality beard oil as well as shaving cream/gel so that you can keep everything nice and neat.

Any other products you’re a big fan of should be included in this beard kit as well, but you’ll want to start off with the essentials we highlighted above for sure.

Shoot for Maintenance Only

The last thing you want to try and tackle while on the go and away from all of your grooming tools is to totally reshape your facial hair from top to bottom.

The odds are pretty good that you just won’t have access to all the things you need to pull off a radical departure from the way your beard was shaped, so it’s a much better idea to stick to maintaining the way your beard looks rather than trying to go for something else entirely.

This’ll help you to maintain the kind of beard men would love to have themselves without ending up with something that looks pretty rough, pretty patchy, and less than impeccably maintained. If you want to do something radical with your facial hair while traveling it’s not a bad idea to visit a local barbershop, shooting to maintain whatever they craft for you for the rest of your time away from home.

Beard Care Equals Skincare

At the end of the day, beard care really boils down to skincare and you’ll want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to maintain a healthy beard while treating the skin beneath your facial hair well, too.

Clean and moisturize your beard on a regular basis, taking advantage of beard care products specifically designed with this purpose in mind. You’ll also want to moisturize the areas of your face that you have shaved to shape your beard, helping to prevent beard itch and irritation as well.



Nadav is the founder of NomadBeard. He is a passionate travel, digital nomad, spiritual life couch and of course, he has a beard.

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