Once upon a time, men just wore beards, not anymore! Men are grooming their facial hair like never before and making powerful fashion statements with their whiskers. It’s a good thing that today’s men are more concerned with their appearance, and with a well-groomed beard fade, not only are they attracting the ladies, but they are also making a positive statement in the corporate world. If you are bored of wearing the same old style, or you have just joined the beard gang and are looking for some ideas, here are 14 of the latest trending beard fade styles

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Mustache cultivation is about much more than just growing facial hair. As any mustache aficionado knows, it’s a way of life and a way of expressing your personality right there, up front for everyone to see. Grooming and maintaining a mustache takes dedication, patience and daily attention in order to stay looking good.

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A walk to your local store will expose you to a wide variety of beards in different shapes and sizes. From hipster beards to waxed moustaches and designer stubble, the groomed and the not so groomed, there simply appears to be a never ending range of beards. Men wear beards for different reasons, to make them look older, to hide scars, their girlfriend likes it, or they think they look better with one. Whatever the reason, there is a style for everyone, so here are 10 classic beard styles for men.

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