Beard With Fade – 14 Awesome Faded Beards Styles

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Once upon a time, men just wore beards, not anymore! Men are grooming their facial hair like never before and making powerful fashion statements with their whiskers. It’s a good thing that today’s men are more concerned with their appearance, and with a well-groomed beard fade, not only are they attracting the ladies, but they are also making a positive statement in the corporate world. If you are bored of wearing the same old style, or you have just joined the beard gang and are looking for some ideas, here are 14 of the latest trending beard fade styles

Fresh Bald Beard With Fade: If you are going for the fresh to death look, then this one is for you. You get a touch of class with a mustache; the beard is longer under the jawline and around the chin area. The bald fade comes in at the jaws providing a striking and clean finish for any occasion.

Bald Beard With Fade
Bald With Fade

Bald Fade Bottom: This is a nice simple cut where underneath the chin and the neck are shaved entirely bald. The mustache and hair on the cheeks and jaw are cut down low giving you that sleek, stylish appeal.

Bald Fade Bottom Beard
Blad Fade Bottom

Tapered Cut: You’ve got to have some skilled fingers to get this look right. The beard is faded from the sideburns to just below the ears and comes out thicker and longer around the face. It is this decrease in volume that provides the edgy tapered look.

Tapered Cut Beard
Tapered Cut

Black Beard: Black men with afro textured hair, this one’s for you. The jaw area is faded disconnecting the beard from the hair, and a thin, defined mustache is created to frame the lips.

Black Beard
Black Beard

Hair Level: This is another bearded style that works well with afro textured hair. As the name suggests, the beard is cut down to the same level of the hair, but only around the cheeks, the beard is faded out slightly bushier as it gets towards the chin.

Hair Level Beard
Hair Level

The Medium Fade: This beard looks very much like the goatee, but it’s set apart by that faded tapered look. The outline of the beard is trimmed down to a medium height which makes it blend well with the precision fade creating the illusion that the hair and the beard are disconnected.

The medium fade beard
The Medium Fade Beard

The Textured Fade: If you are looking to give your beard a bit of texture, try the textured fade. The hair around the jawline is given a sharp undercut and then faded out to create an impressive beard line.

The textured fade beard
The Textured Fade

The Jaw Line Perfection Fade: This faded beard style indeed does make you appear to have the perfect jawline. The hair is cut into a goatee and faded out from the hairline to just before the goatee starts. This is a very defined cut and will make you look very sharp.

The jaw line perfection fade beard
The Jaw Line Perfection Fade

The Taper Beard Fade: This beard works well for curly haired brothers. The beard is disconnected from the hair, and then the beard is tapered all the way down to the chin.

The taper beard fade
The Taper Beard Fade

Skin Fresh Fade: The beard is cut down so low that it transitions into a skin fade. This makes for a nice combination creating a textured and stylish look.

Skin fresh fade beard
Skin Fresh Fade

Double Fade: This is another popular combination style, where the bald fade and the skin fade marry together to create the double fade. The bald fade is underneath the chin, and the skin fade runs from the sideburns to the cheeks.

Double Fade

Military Style: If you are not a fan of the military look, I wouldn’t advise this cut. It gives the face a hard and bold look that truly reflects the personality of the wearer.

The Military style beard
Military Style

The Slight Fade: This bearded style works really well with a faded haircut. The trick here is to keep the length of hair on your head and your beard the same.

The slight fade beard
The Slight Fade

The Low Fade: This is another popular faded bearded style, you get the combination of the goatee with a fade around the cheeks and jawline. The hair on the cheeks is slightly disconnected from the hair on the goatee creating a really edgy look.

The Law Fade Beard
The Law Fade

How to Fade Your Beard

Not every man can afford to go to the barbers every time he needs a trim or a shape up, so here are some simple steps to assist you in creating that perfect beard fade.

Step 1: You can’t fade a tatty looking beard, so get that in order first, so ahead and trim your beard to the length you want it.

Step 2: Set your trimmer to a 2 or 3 and start trimming from below Adam’s apple up towards your neck and jawline

Step 3: Now its time to chop them cheeks! At this point, you will need to decide whether you want a natural fade or crisp lines? For a more natural look, take the guard off, for some crisp lines, use a tight edge from ear to ear and around the cheeks.

Step 4: If you’ve got a mustache, trim that down too, be sure to get rid of any hair growing over the lips. The aim here is to make everything look nice and neat. You will also want to make sure that your mustache and beard are the same lengths.

Step 5: Now that your beard is all nice and even, it’s time for the fade. Find a spot near the jawline where your beard is the longest. Put the trimmer onto one of the shorter settings and give the area a one-inch trim.

Step 6: Shorten the trimmer and go up another inch.

Step 7: Keep fading upwards until you get to your hair, shortening the trimmer as you go along

Step 8: Switch sides and repeat the process.

Final Thought

There’s no point in getting a perfect beard style if your hair is looking a mess. Whatever style you choose, make sure you do it justice by getting a dazzling hair cut to go along with it.



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