5 Moustache Styles For The Brave Men

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Mustache cultivation is about much more than just growing facial hair. As any mustache aficionado knows, it’s a way of life and a way of expressing your personality right there, up front for everyone to see. Grooming and maintaining a mustache takes dedication, patience and daily attention in order to stay looking good.

Getting started on sprouting that mustache that’s perfectly suited to your face may start with a little bit of experimentation. Grow a little bit of scruff, so you have a base layer to work with, then shave it into the shape you want. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, it’s much easier to start over again from scruff than waiting for the full mustache with beard length to grow in to begin testing things.

Then, once you find your perfect style that expresses your personality and suits your face, you can begin growing to the desired length. Depending on the style you’re looking to wear, you may need specific trimmers, combs, and styling products.

If you’re undecided on what styles are out there, here are just the top five mustache styles for the brave and adventurous man. Wearing a boldly styled mustache is a strong statement that lets you wear your personality right on your face. Select the style that’s just right for you and get growing!

The Classic Handlebar

One of the most recognizable mustache styles out there, the classic handlebar style is a bold statement piece that takes time and effort to grow and maintain daily. This style is recognized by its length, extending beyond the edges of the lips and taking a strong upwards curve at either end. The shape mimics that of bicycle handlebars, thus giving it a synonymous name.

Handlebar mustaches are also known by some different names including the Imperial, English, and Hungarian, among some others. But, regardless of the name, the shape is what tells the story.

The growth time for this style is going to take you at least six weeks without cutting to get to a reasonable length where you can begin with styling. Then, it’ll take another six weeks until it gets to the ideal length you’ll want to keep it at.

As previously stated, this style will require you to have a great deal of patience if you’re looking to do it properly. A beard comb can help you start training your mustache as it grows, making it easier to manage once it’s at the right length.

Handlebar Mustache
Classic Handlebar

The Hogan

Curving in the opposite direction of the handlebar, this horseshoe-shaped mustache curves downwards dramatically, creating strong vertical lines on either side of the mouth straight down to the edge of the chin.

Sported most recognizably by wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan, this style is perfect for those men looking with help in elongating the appearance of their face. So, men who already have naturally longer faces or chins may want to avoid adding extra length to their faces by steering clear of this style.

To get this style, you’ll need to start by growing a full mustache with a beard or even a mustache with goatee, which will let you see where your hairline naturally grows so you can ultimately decide on the final shape of your mustache. Take a close look before shaving, deciding what’s staying and what’s going. The shape should frame either side of your mouth right down to your neck. Everything below your lower lip straight down past your jaw needs to go.

Then, you’ll need to figure out the width of the vertical portions of the mustache. Decide on what that width will be, then shave your cheeks to meet that vertical width. Depending on your facial shape, your downward handlebars will be wider or narrower.

Hulg Hogan

The Chevron

A more subtle statement, the Chevron mustache is relatively easy to maintain and grow for most, if not all men. It’s a simple style of mustache that grows naturally across the upper lip to where it would usually stop on either side. If it’s starting to curve down, it means it’s overgrown and needs to be trimmed back to keep the proper shape maintained.

Although the shape of the Chevron mustache will be very similar for most men, the thickness will vary, depending on the hair growth of each man and the length it’s being trimmed to. A shorter trimmed mustache will be thinner, and a longer trim line, grown right to the lip line will be thicker. The thickness of the mustache is up to the individual wearer.

The direction of your hair growth may also play a role in the decision of how long you’re growing your Chevron. Longer hair creates the appearance of fullness, but you may need to invest in high-quality mustache wax and keep a comb handy to keep this one maintained and styled appropriately.

LEIDEN, THE NETHERLANDS - NOV 27, 1980: Freddy Mercury singer of the british band Queen during a concert in the Groenoordhallen in Leiden in the Netherlands
Freedy Mercury’s Chevron mustache

The Gable

If you’ve got naturally thin facial hair growth, there’s no reason why you can’t sport a mustache that’s in style and shows off your personality. One style that’s perfect for men with thin hair growth is the Gable, after its namesake Clark Gable.

It’s a style that’s got a lot of personality and class, even though it doesn’t take much growth to get it started. This is one style however that will take much more frequent shaving and maintenance than others because the hair length is kept at such a short length.

If you’re constantly shaving, you’ll want to keep your skin moisturized to keep it from drying out. A good quality beard oil can also help keep the sleek style of this mustache in order.

To get things started, grow a full mustache then shape it back with clippers. Shape things perfectly, with a precise line right above your upper lip, using a wet razor to cut with accuracy.

Clark Gable
Clark Gable’s Mustache

The Fu Manchu

Nothing screams individuality than the brave men looking to sport the rare Fu Manchu. Even if people don’t know the specific name for it, nearly everyone can recognize the straight, thin mustache that hangs down from each corner of the mouth, extending beyond the chin. The two tendrils that frame the outer edge of each side of the mouth don’t connect above the mouth.

Much like the Hogan, you’ll want to start with growing a mustache with beard or mustache with goatee, then shaping things to your desired shape once you’ve reached a good length.

Fu Manchu Mustache
Fu Manchu Mustache

Wear Your Personality

Finding the perfect mustache to suit your face, as well as your personality, can take some time and experimentation. Do some research into what will best suit your face, then begin experimenting and seeing how things look. Wear your personality on your face and express who you are with a unique and well-styled mustache.



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