5 Best Beard Creams to Grow Your Beard Faster 2020

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Most men learn — pretty quickly, at that – that the hair they have on their faces is anything but a carbon copy of the hair they have on their head. Facial hair is an entirely different monster altogether, hair that has to be treated differently, groomed differently, and refreshed and cleansed differently. You aren’t going to be happy with the results of just running some shampoo, conditioner, or even just a little bit of soap in your beard, that’s for sure.

Thankfully though, there are plenty of top-tier men’s grooming companies out there today making some pretty fantastic products like the ones we highlight below. Each of these four top options is going to give you the kind of results you are searching for, the types of results that leave your beard feeling clean, fresh, and as thick and healthy as humanly possible.

The beard cream for growth products we highlight in this quick guide isn’t just going to hydrate your facial hair, but are actually going to stimulate facial hair growth going forward. You will be able to fill in patches, flesh out your beard, and enjoy the kind of thick and manly facial hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s dive right in!

CREMO Beard & Scruff Cream

Easily one of the most recognizable beard cream for growth options on the market today, this company is known for producing top-quality products that really work – products that aren’t just going to have your face looking healthier but will actually rejuvenate and regenerate new facial hair no matter how old you are right now.

The proprietary blend of unique ingredients contained within this solution creates a beard cream to grow thicker, fuller, and more impressive beards inside of a ridiculously short amount of time. All you have to do is gently work this cream into your beard and your face after a hot shower (three times a week), and before you know it you’ll be growing a lot more facial hair – and your facial hair will be a lot more substantial as well.

Most customers also appreciate how well this cream works to keep their face, their beard, and the underlying skin nice and hydrated. Dry skin is going to itch and when you add a big, burly beard on top of dry skin things can get really uncomfortable in a hurry.

You won’t have to worry about that with the help of this beard cream.

CREMO Beard & Scruff Cream
CREMO Beard & Scruff Cream

Beard Cream: Bergamot + Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood

Some of the most impressive beard cream growth products on the market right now feel slick, oily, and not at all unlike Vaseline feels when applied directly to facial hair and your skin.

That’s what helps this product to separate itself so much from the rest of the pack – it doesn’t feel ANYTHING like that!

Instead, this beard cream for growth formula has been scientifically engineered to be as lightweight and as oil-free as possible. There is no slick or greasy feeling as you work this cream into your beard and you aren’t going to have to worry about this cream sitting on top of your facial hair or your skin for an extended amount of time, either.

This formula rapidly absorbs into your facial hair, pulls directly into the roots of your hair, and supplies a tremendous amount of protein – via that hemp seed backbone ingredient in this product – that feeds your beard faster than almost anything else out there can.

You’ll get longer, smoother, and softer facial hair that comes in a lot thicker when you start using this cream.

Beard Cream: Bergamot + Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood
Beard Cream: Bergamot + Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood

Masculine Craft Smooth “Lift” Beard Styling Cream

This product takes a multi-prong approach to deliver you the kinds of results you are after, not only soothing your skin and your facial hair but also working to soften your beard while helping your facial hair growth thicker all at the same time.

This is very much a lightweight formula that just sort of sits atop your facial hair before it is rapidly absorbed down into the deepest roots of your beard, spreading out into the skin all over your face, and feeding and fueling hair almost right away.

Operating as a leave-in conditioner of sorts it’s also going to help you feel a lot more comfortable with a beard during all stages of growth. You don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs as much when you use this product, and you certainly don’t have to worry about “fuzzy” issues with facial hair that seems to want to grow out in all different kinds of directions.

Don’t forget that this is definitely a beard cream growth formula as well. It helps to plant the seeds of new facial hair, nurtures those seeds with essential nutrients and vitamins, and makes a very bushy beard possible for any man out there today.

Masculine Craft Smooth “Lift” Beard Styling Cream
Masculine Craft Smooth “Lift” Beard Styling Cream

The Beard Club – Original Beard Cream

This product is one of the first beard creams to hit the market and remains one of the most popular, a product designed from top to bottom to help your beard grow thick, healthy, and super soft.

Part beard cream to grow longer, thicker, and healthier hair but also part leave in conditioner and moisturizer – not only for your facial hair but for the underlying skin as well – this is one of the smartest investments you can make in your daily grooming routine.

This formula isn’t greasy, isn’t heavy, and isn’t smelly the way that some of the other options on the market can be. Instead, this is very much a lightweight and neutral solution that “just kind of works” right of the box, flooding your skin and your facial hair with hydrating enzymes that also generate new hair growth all over your face as well.

The Beard Club - Original Beard Cream
The Beard Club – Original Beard Cream

Final Thought

If you are after top-tier beard cream for growth products that get the job done, real deal solutions that will have you looking and feeling much better while at the same time are working “behind-the-scenes” to generate a thicker beard, you need look no further than the top options we reviewed above!



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