10 Classic Beard Styles For Men

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A walk to your local store will expose you to a wide variety of beards in different shapes and sizes. From hipster beards to waxed moustaches and designer stubble, the groomed and the not so groomed, there simply appears to be a never ending range of beards. Men wear beards for different reasons, to make them look older, to hide scars, their girlfriend likes it, or they think they look better with one. Whatever the reason, there is a style for everyone, so here are 10 classic beard styles for men.

1.    The Goatee: This is one of the most popular bearded styles, and it never goes out of fashion. You might also hear it referred to as the circle beard. The facial hair lines the corners of the mouth and the chin. The shape, volume and length are up to you, but you can do a lot with a goatee; so have fun experimenting with it. No matter what style you choose, it’s a pretty easy beard to grow. The style is not really popular among older men; you will generally see young males in their early to late 20’s wearing them. The goatee is also good for men who find it challenging to grow full beards or who grow thicker hair around the upper lip and chin area. It’s also ideal for men who have a weak jawline and want to make it look a bit more pronounced. 

Goatee Beard Style
Goatee Style

2.    The Whaler: Also known as the Amish beard, this style is full and long with no mustache. The Amish people have an aversion towards mustaches; they believed violent and dangerous people only wore them; hence the reason for not growing one. 

Amish/Whaler beard style
The Whaler Beard

3.    The Van Dyke Beard: This is a very funny looking beard, but each to their own right! It’s an old look and dates back to the 17th century; the look was popularized by Anthony Van Dyck, a Flemish painter. The mustache is shaved down the middle and shaped into slopes across the length of the mouth. The ends are pointed and thin; men are known to twist the ends. The beard is shaped in a small V underneath the mouth, and hair grows in a square shape underneath the chin.

Anthony Van Dyck
Anthony Van Dyck

4.    The Scruff Beard: This style is basically a stubble beard, it gives you some grit and texture and depending on how your facial hair grows can either be really thick or patchy. The length depends on your preference, but it can’t be too long and needs to stay close to your face or it wouldn’t be a scruffy beard. Maintenance is pretty tedious, not only do you need to keep it in shape, but you also need to maintain its length so you will need to keep cutting your stubble to make sure it doesn’t grow out of control. 

Scruff Beard
Scruff Beard

5.    The Natural Beard: There’s nothing to this one, just let it grow and see what you get. You can trim and shape the beard as it grows, if you want it thick and full, trim and shape it often. 

The Natural Beard Style
The Natural Beard Style

6.    The Corporate Beard: This length takes around two weeks to two months to grow depending on how fast your beard grows. Its quite high maintenance (hence the name), and you will need to shape and trim it often to keep your beard in check.

The Corporate Beard
The Corporate Beard

7.    The Yeard: To achieve this look, let your beard grow out for 12 months without cutting it. You don’t want any hairs sticking out everywhere, so make sure you shape it to keep your beard well defined. 

The Yeard Beard
The Yeard Beard

8.    The Terminal Beard: The length of the terminal beard depends on how long your hair grows. Once your beard stops growing, you will know you have achieved a terminal beard. 

The Terminal beard
The Terminal Beard

9.    Sideburns: There is no uniform style when it comes to sideburns, you can shape them; however you wish. Most men don’t allow them to grow past their earlobes, but you can let your sideburns grow into your mustache if you want. 


10.    The Hollywoodian: This look highlights the jawline, to achieve this style, you will need to shave off your sideburns, and grow a mustache that reaches the beard. 

Hollywoodian Beard Style
Hollywodian Beard

Regardless of the style, knowing how to trim your beard will make the process much easier. Here are some simple steps to assist you.

1.    Select the comb length you want to use; this will help give your style the right look. Generally, you will find the following lengths in a razor kit: 2 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm. 

2.    Use the trimmer to even out the length of your beard; this will help to reduce any discomfort while you are shaving. It also helps to prevent the blades from getting clogged. 

3.    To get the shape right, remove the comb attachment from the trimmer and trim to get the desired shape. Most styles look best when the hair is kept shorter on the cheeks and neck. 

4.    Unless you are going for an uneven look, which most men aren’t, make sure you don’t trim too much off one side.

5.    If there are any parts of your face you want to shave bare, wet your beard by rinsing your face with warm water, then use a shaving gel to lather up the area that you want to shave. Shaving gel will help to prevent irritation, cuts, and nicks. 

6.    Place the attachment onto the handle and give yourself a close shave by using gentle, light strokes across your face. 


Final Thought

If you want to get the most out of your bearded look, you are going to have to do more than choosing the style you like and allowing your hair to grow. Unless you are Brad Pitt or Tyson Beckford, there are very few men who can pull off any beard. You will need to consider the shape of your face, the style of your hair and the way you dress. Hopefully, this post has given you some great ideas, and you now feel more confident about joining the beard gang. 



Nadav is the founder of NomadBeard. He is a passionate travel, digital nomad, spiritual life couch and of course, he has a beard.

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